Hello, nice to meet you!

Hey there you are. I’m Carol, originally from Dublin, and now living in fabulous Montefrio, west of Granada city, with my lovely partner M, our two dogs, and two cats, after almost a dozen years in the Alpujarras.

Besides the sheer enjoyment of living here and all that it brings, I like to write, review and discuss all things Spanish.  I’m the happiest writing original copy of travel, reviewing unusual or boutique hotels, discussing the benefits of sustainable living, organic beauty, and my own blog content. I also work on Business Development with a recruiting and consultancy firm. M and I  are currently planning a wild road trip, details to be announced shortly 🙂 plus as much travelling to new and exciting places as we can fit in as well as stays in Spain.

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I’ d love to look at any projects you might have simmering away, perhaps we can work together?

I’m very lucky to be published regularly, and my rates are reasonable for excellent and original content.

Like to see more?

Here is just some of my work to date:

Vacasol Blog (all articles)

Eco companion

mypure natural beauty features

Spain Holiday

Link up with me:



Life Blog

Tapas Blog



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