5 of my 2020 Highlights

Nope, not gone mad, not yet. Despite the rollercoaster ride that 2020 decided to be, there were good points, and it’s worth reflecting on these instead of dwelling on the shitshow that the year was for many of us. Here are my five 2020 highlights…

1.The C Word

Well, that one sure took on a new meaning. I am grateful that COVID 19 did not personally touch any family members or close friends in 2020, and despite the impact on the economy, that I still have a ‘day job’ to work, being used to remote working anyway.

2. Lockdown

We all had to get used to living in close quarters, and unless you’re a submariner then you probably found it stifling, and those little things that niggle us all about those we live with soon came under a magnifying glass. For me, I was lucky enough to share our small townhouse with MIck, my son and his friend Julie AKA Nan, 2 cats and 2 dogs, and we all managed fine, quickly adapting to life under lockdown. Quiz nights, silly nights, foodie nights, blindfold taste nights, and sometimes just finding our own corner away from everyone on the roof was the right recipe. I am so grateful to have had and spent that time with the people I love, and actually quite liked the arrangement!

3. A Full Table

If you know me well you will also know I love a full table, both food and guests. My own aged dining room table, if it could walk, it would stagger – from past and present gatherings. Mick’s birthday in September brought us two weeks worth of guests including both kids, making me wish again I had loads of children and had not stopped at two. We extended the outside dining area, and together with some lashing rain, enjoyed a night with family and friends, food and wine and laughter. Let’s do it again, when we can.

4. Survival Skills

Do we have inbuilt survival skills or is it down to luck? Who knows. When our car flipped off the road that fateful October day and provided the most terrifying sixty seconds of my year, something kicked in, whatever it was I am grateful for it, and more so for the fact we had dropped Issey and Alex off just beforehand. Mick was not as lucky as we thought, and a month later saw him undergo serious brain trauma surgery, so far so good, and fingers are crossed for his appraisal and scan in early 2021. A car is just a car, and money is just money. Josh survived his own health crisis this month, a lengthy bus ride and an ensuing hug from his Mam helped (I think!) and he is also on the mend.

5. Friendship

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”
— Oprah Winfrey

A short three years has seen the making of the most amazing friendships and this past year has tested the mettle of those, as our friends stepped forward with lifts, a welcome sandwich and a banana 🙂 , dog and cat feeding, chocolate cake, calls, texts and ‘sod the social distance’ hugs. What should have been a lonely time was filtered and sorted and made so much easier. You all know who you are, I am grateful for each and every one of you, and yes, I am still buying the damned euromillions tickets!!

3 thoughts on “5 of my 2020 Highlights

  1. Well said Carol!
    Be thankful for what we have and those good friends that rally round in such difficult times.
    All the best to you all for 2021 and hopefully we will be one of those that can sit around your table and share good times again very soon!

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