Hello, nice to meet you!


Hey there you are. I’m Carol, originally from Dublin, and now living in remote Andalucía with my family and assortment of 4 legged canine and feline friends. Besides the sheer enjoyment of li…

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2 thoughts on “Hello, nice to meet you!

  1. Hi, Good to meet you too, I am Scot living in Sweden with 4 Podencos, 2 galgos and a lurcher , 3 rescue kittens (looking for homes) oh yes and hubby and daughter lol. General mad house to be honest. Travel to Mojacar for holidays often and plan to retire to the area one day, prob to continue to home/rescue more mutts lol. Run the local cafe on a voluntary basis at the local stables for competitions, ride twice a week as does our daughter. Enjoy reading your blogs 🙂 Liz

    Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2016 14:25:04 +0000 To: lizzycarcary@hotmail.com

    • Wow Liz, you are busy! Podencos are so lovely and misunderstood. Are the Galgos ex-racers? 😦 There are loads here, they finish their British racing lives on the courses here and then get dumped. Breaks my heart. Thanks for reading, hope to see more of you!

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