Hooray – It’s Spay Day!

Yes, I did type that correctly.  Funny, the dogs have all disappeared….

Seriously, we love our 4 legged friends, and since moving to Spain have, like many expats, opened our front door and our sofa to several vagabonds, ragamuffins, in Barney’s case, downright vagrant.  He’s the only dog who can look like he’s been through a bush backwards half an hour after his bath.

Love and money

But apart from food, flea collars and firewood to keep them warm there’s another real expense with stray dogs and that’s the delicate topic of spaying, neutering, ball chopping – whatever you want to call it.  But, there is a solution, and that’s where Spay and Neuter Assistance comes in and saves the day – if not poor Fido’s manhood. Contact them via that link – it goes to their Facebook page – and they’ll fit you in on one of their Spay days and give you a quote.  Their work is brilliant, they also pick up unwanted and abandoned animals and spay them.  They have several spay dates a month, at a fraction of the normal cost, and will fit you in.

How big is the problem?

Guys, it’s epidemic. If a picture paints a thousand words, then look at this:


Not convinced yet?  Okay, you do the math…


Radley has had his date, just 3 more to go…and Jimi the street cat – ssshhh he’ll hear!

Jimi Car

So I’ll say it again – Contact Spay/Neuter assistance today. Please share this post. x

How big is the problem?

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