All change – full steam ahead

are just ahead Josh! (1)That short train journey called life is pulling in at a new station. Time for us to disembark – and let you go on ahead.

Tomorrow you leave for someplace new, and there’s no map, no compass: this time you’ll have to discover your own way there. Safe trip.

We’ll help to pack your suitcase, and into the corners we’ll tuck some hope, lots of good luck and plenty of love. Hopefully there’s a pocket stuffed with adventure, and the happiness that comes with travel and new discovery.

Your worries can be left here at home, with your laundry (thanks for that) and your childhood possessions.

Your small and warm child’s hand has long outgrown my outstretched palm, but the safety of home will always be wherever we are – some things always stay fast and true.

Remember to take big ideas, optimism, and lots of fun.

We’ll see you soon – bring back some Welsh cold and damp air to this Spanish mountain for Christmas, and tall tales of what you saw and what you did.

Remember this: It’s never adios – but always hasta luego….x