My family, and other animals

Renovations here, inside and out. It all started with an attempt on dog damage limitation, with a swap between the ‘office’ and the TV room. Soon there were more boxes than a house move, and even the big communal street bin had to be relocated by the front door – a bit of purging of ‘stuff’. We do collect here in the Johnston household – grand purveyors of tat, we are.



A  (another) New Year resolution then, trips to the weekly Almunecar rastro will mean throwing out 2 items for every new one that enters the house. That’s the idea, anyway!

We desperately need to decorate, inside and out, it’s time for paint – the yards of books can no longer hide the crumbling plaster – work is on the agenda. MIL announced yesterday she would like to visit for Semana Santa – so a deadline is now in place – that’s good, it’ll spur us on a bit.

Wonder how she’ll like it here? A first visit in the almost eight years we have lived in our lofty mountain Andalucian retreat.

The cats (2) will be generous, they love to bring visitors gifts, usually dead and sometimes wriggling – ratatouille, then it will be for supper…!


Supper. Another dilemma. Someone used to potatoes and meat at half past midday, when we tend towards pigs innards at midnight. I guess we can cater a little differently for a short period – please do not panic if you are reading this 🙂

The dogs (5) will misbehave, of course, I can see them planning it already – practising their separation anxiety uni-howl – that’s usually if we move to another room.

The kids (2) – hopefully will be nice. Teen girl with her Goth eyes and door slamming might manage to curtail her moodswings for a week. (I’d better be half careful here, recently my action of a mere like or share of a pic on social media gets me blocked and banned – who is she like?!)

Boyman will be fine – he has an inbuilt knowing when to behave button, and will only profusely swear in Spanish.

They will both promise to hold off on killing each other temporarily. Or I’ll take away their thumbs. (quite necessary for phones, ipads, xbox)


Good thing MIL does not. Speak Spanish I mean. Octogenarian neighbours tend to begin every sentence with ‘Oi, Coño…’ and that’s when they’re being friendly.

So, on with the clearing and cleaning and throwing…it’s cathartic, this spring cleaning business. I think. Ask me after Easter.

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