Rest In Peace

A quick trip home to Dirty Dublin last weekend, in fact shiny and groomed it is, at least my picturesque village of old, a river runs through it, quaint thatched pubs and pretty coffee shops abound. There’s even a tapas bar. But even chocolate box scenes can be sinister.

A reason to go

A purposeful visit to see my mother, getting on in years now and recently an almost-victim when she experienced a couple of unwelcome wannabe visitors. Big cities equal crime, the capital is just a short ride in a getaway car and lonely widows make quick cashpoints.

So, a short holiday/visit for me and The Girl, who drew gasps and too many admiring glances for my liking, her lofty height and Dad’s DNA bringing attention. (Think Biro refill with hips) She enjoyed the family, the shopping, the festive fever and the overdose of One Direction memorabilia available. I managed a taste or twenty of the Black Stuff right here….


Back in the real world

Meanwhile Stan and The Boy stayed home, they did the unthinkable and ventured to Iceland after Málaga airport, as in the land of processed shite, not the one of hot springs and geysers.

They also took in the Almería – Real Madrid match. I think the Scotch Eggs and Sausage Rolls brought more satisfaction!

A call to arms

Stan was summoned, another day, around to the Bodega, which is also the Carpintería, at least formerly. The current owners father was the village carpenter in days past.The neighbour wanted a hand hauling something and had rounded up a few locals. Work done, he showed them an old fireplace he had uncovered.

– I’ll make a few shelves for that, put some antiques up, what do you think?

The general consensus is that wood these days is expensive. Much sucking in of missing teeth and mumbling.

– No problem, says he, I have loads of wood.

– Where?…..

A final resting place

…..He waves his hand over to the corner. Eyes swivelled to where half a dozen coffins, circa civil war – were laid to rest. Well, a carpenter only had so much work in those days….

You can’t use those, exclaimed Stan! Laughing, he suggested that our friend might as well make a bed or two while he was at it…

– No, no …that would be disrespectful. Shelves it is.

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