Stuff the Lettuce

Living in Spain…you’ll oft hear of expats waxing lyrical about the good life: Sunshine and siestas, the tapas and the relaxed temperament, the generosity of neighbours – all good and true, naturally. We love it here, on our Andalucian mountain, even the hard times are good times, a life filled with a lack of serious cash borne bravely, compensated by the good things, which have turned out to be much better for us than the finer things…

Winter is here, it arrived unexpectedly a little while ago, suddenly my flip-flops looked silly, the wood burner more attractive, and the fly screens redundant.Image

The sky is still a deep blue – and HIGH – but there’s a nip in that mountain air that would send a chill through even this hardy Irish Rubia.

As the dogs edged closer to the fire this week we thought to order in some almond to feed it with, that or start regarding the furniture with a beady eye, it’s quite big and pretty hungry, so we ordered a trailer full which was more than reasonable, working out at 11 cents per kilo (although who is going to weigh it I have no idea). Well, it’s all stacked neatly thanks to the friendly delivery chicos and Josh, and it’s partnering the other item down in the stable that’s going to help keep us all warm. 

A mule? A stack of blankets?.Image

Our generous vecinos – who keep our Summers padded out with bags of beans and lettuce – have pumped in 500 L of the finest Red – a soft and naturally sweet, organic Tempranillo/Cabernet mix…

Suddenly Winter nights look a tad cosier…


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