Break a leg in Laroles

Laroles? Where’s that then?

Not too far from me actually, here in the Alpujarras. A stage backdrop of winding roads, leading to dramatic drops and stunning views.

Sleepy and tranquil, most visit here for a taste of tranquility, a chance to wind down.

Last weekend, however, there was a bit of a buzz…..

It was caused by Anna Kemp, and her mighty troupe. As they sing out in Les Miserables, (she) Dreamed a Dream.

And it seems if you persevere, dreams really can come true!

The Project

The Project

The Cast

The troupe? A cast made entirely from villagers of this little pueblo, merry men – and mujeres  – a willing Mayor, and many hands.

Anna, who lives in Madrid and holidays as much as possible in Larolesfirst came to the Alpujarras because she was working on the film Al Sur de Granada, based on the life of writer Gerald Brenan.  

Anna on opening night

Anna on opening night

The First Act

Spending Summers in Laroles with the local kids and creating little theatre groups, led to her bright idea of something bigger, something for the whole community, and somewhere inspired by the legendary Rowena Cade and the amazing Minack open air theatre in Cornwall. (*Tip.If you haven’t been there – then go!)

So, inspired by the natural Eras (old threshing circles) splayed around the outskirts of the village, Anna and her crew set to work, rebuilding and refurbishing the old stonework  – hard work too. But with the backing of the local Mayor, and the strong backs of the villagers, they have finished the stage area, and it is truly a stage with a view.

An Era in action in times gone by

An Era in action in times gone by


Last weekend we went to see the culmination of community effort – so far….

Anna, her family, the entire village and friends were there to welcome everyone and reveal the result. We had a lovely evening, under the coloured lights as the balmy evening crept into night. We chatted with both Anna and Manuel Escobosa, the helpful, friendly, and facilitating Mayor, as well as do-ers, shakers and movers from Madrid, and the locals.

Whilst the adults tucked into Migas, Sardinas and Tinto de Verano, I noticed the kids on the stage area, dancing, singing, and performing their own little production, stars in the making!

Everyone is now keen to get the theatre off the ground, and we plan to return on the 16th of this month to see the local kids tread the boards.

Picking the corn from the era into a measuring trough in days gone by

Picking the corn from the era into a measuring trough in days gone by

The Final Act?

They will of course succeed, it’s a brilliant and inspired idea, just perfect for a little pueblo in the Alpujarras, bringing in tourism and breathing life into the area. This community project still requires more awareness of the project, so feel free to shout and share!

There are still major expenses, lighting and sound engineering is not cheap, if you feel you can help out in any way then have a look through these links and contact Anna. or just go and see the project as it happens, get involved in a great plot and be part of the limelight!images

Anna and Co., take a bow!

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