Reconnecting and Lost Connections

This year seems to be my year for meeting up with old friends, virtual friends, and new friends.  The trouble with social networks like Facebook and Twitter is that you assume people are exactly where you left them, not yesterday, but in my case,oh, 20+ years ago.  Why my life would muddle on and I still expect others to be in the same place I’m not quite sure!

Sometimes, I leave it too late, and have been incredibly saddened by the discovery of ‘way too young’ deaths of once close friends, you just don’t expect it.

I’m the sort of person who doesn’t really do girly, or close groups of female friends, I’m really crap at ‘staying in touch’, I just think if a relationship is good enough, you will always pick it up again, and be able to laugh and share a beer as though you had only met up yesterday.




Although, looking at that hair bear bunch – inc me –  in 1979, perhaps I should leave well enough alone!

This year I went for a long morning walk and a natter in Ireland with Denise, we last chatted in 1985, but had no trouble picking up where we left off. Or recognising each other! We had so much to say we forgot to take a photo.

In Berja, Almeria, last month, lunch was taken sobremesa style, with Elaine and Tomas, not seen since 1991. Again we talked so much we forgot to take a photo, there’s a pattern here, yeah, I kissed that Blarney stone!

On the 3rd of August, I’ll see Sue, my Facebook friend and sharer of posts extraordinaire, we’re going to see Anna Kemp and her exciting open air teatro project in Laroles –  I look forward to meeting her too!

Next week I was supposed to meet up with Kiersten and Richard of Spanish Highs, but the best laid plans have been waylaid – understandably – by a personal crisis so we shall simply take a rain check as they say in the movies and re-schedule. Murtas will still be here! So looking forward to it too.

Kathy, I won’t see you again – but you’re always here somewhere, I miss your mad ways, your great ideas to get us out of an hour or two at work, your friendship, and of course falling out with you every five minutes.♥

So, I wonder who I’ll meet ‘in the flesh’ next? You’d better lock that door!